dinghy drinking and eco tours

Eco Tours through the Mangroves

We have several dinghies available for day-time guided tours through narrow passages in the mangroves. Be ready to duck for low hanging branches or navigating under a bridge. You will see various marine life from your rubber motorized boat. We can stop for lunch at a waterfront restaurant if you wish.

Bar Hopping by Water

You can call it an eco tour if you want but Dinghy Drinking Tours stop at several waterfront bars and last 3-4 hours. A cooler is onboard for beverages between stops. Tours generally start around noon.  There are swimming spots along the way.


Call us at 361-416-0054 to schedule your trip.  Each dinghy holds 4 including the driver. We return before dusk. Trips depend on decent weather. Dinghies are low in the water so plan on getting  splashed and wet along the way.